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Forward-leaning companies, the ones that will lead in the next era, are embracing change at an unprecedented pace. Their resources are accessed by a growing number of siloed constituents, including employees, suppliers, partners, and clients—the entire value chain—all using multiple devices from virtually anywhere. This change has shifted data outside of traditional perimeters.

Organizations are using numerous tools to combat this change. These tools collect massive volumes of data to protect the organization, but teams are suffering from an inability to transform the abundance of data into insights. The existing cyber security skills shortage only amplifies this challenge.

Persistent is a managed security service provider that helps customers enable the Security Monitoring functionality. They use an approach of key solution pillars, including an integrated stack of SOC solutions comprised of SIEM, SOAR, and Threat Intelligence Platform. This platform delivers:

  • Complete Visibility
  • Prioritized threat detection
  • Automated investigation
  • Integrated Response

Having a solid base of Engineering DNA and 360-degree relationships with different emerging vendors, Persistent unique capability is to develop customized connectors for delivering centralized security incident management.

  • Decrease risk by implementing right-fit security tools to augment security operations by reducing manual tasks and processes
  • Create a strategic security roadmap that will transform your information security program with cost-effective investments
  • Improve your security posture with advanced threat detection and isolation reducing Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)
  • Expedite development lifecycles and improve application security management by designing security into the core of solutions

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