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Data Encryption and Certificate Management

Protect data in transit and at rest with encryption solutions that render your data meaningless for attackers and grant your organization the cover of safe harbor protections.

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Data is the backbone of today’s digital business, yet data breaches only keep increasing. While there are many ways to mitigate the risk of a breach occurring, there are also ways to minimize the impact when it happens. Leveraging encryption as a data protection control grants organizations the assurance that, even if data is stolen, it is unusable to attackers.

Before considering encryption as a protection mechanism, businesses must understand how data flows within their environment. Without this information, organizations cannot determine the appropriate level of protection that balances cost, risk, and mitigation. Failures in striking the correct balance result in organizations selecting encryption solutions that do not meet their business needs and require additional expenditures to shape the business to the solution.

Persistent’s data and application security services help organizations map data flow and implement encryption and key management solutions in a structured way, enabling organizations to protect their data throughout its lifecycle and across different environment types to meet multiple requirements. Our solutions support a wide variety of key use cases such as; BYOK (Bring Your Own Key), HYOK (Host Your Own Key), and BYOE (Bring Your Own Encryption) to align with your organizational needs.

  • Improve the data security posture of your organization with encryption methods that meet or exceed regulatory and compliance standards
  • Achieve deep visibility and control of the encryption lifecycle with key management services that place you in control of key management and certificates issued
  • Manage all encryption capabilities centrally to streamline and simplify operations, placing your organization in complete control
  • Leverage a flexible approach to supporting hybrid environments, allowing you to meet your data security and privacy needs no matter where the information resides
  • Create a consistent implementation to ensure that data is always protected following defined standards that align with your organizational needs
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