Security Assurance & Data Security

Security Assurance & Data Security

Secure your applications and sensitive data at the source without compromising on deployment speed and agility.

Software Applications are the primary targets of cyberattacks to access sensitive data. Applications can be made secure with application security, but this can be time-consuming and laborious, resulting in a tradeoff between the release of potentially vulnerable applications or missing the deadline.

Persistent helps strengthen the application development life cycle by simplifying application security and compliance testing. Security Assurance and Data Security involve integrating and managing the development process and platforms with security best practices and solutions for periodic scanning and threat modeling. In addition, the data security solutions help organizations discover, classify, and tag data assets and enforce privacy policies and user consent for data access, establishing a governance model that manages risk and meets regulations enabling data privacy.

  • Strengthen security quickly and early to avoid data breaches and downtime in production
  • Eliminate the need to code policy; accelerate the development process
  • Capture, manage and enforce data-sharing consent and centralized governance policies
  • Available as a service with no capital spend and flexible engagement models
Offerings & Solutions
Data Leakage Protection

Protect intellectual property and prevent data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data.

Data Encryption and Certificate Management

Enable dynamic data encryption and automate certificate management to prevent potential data leakages.


Secure the CI/CD pipelines, on-cloud and on-prem, without impact to developer’s priorities.

Data Discovery and Classification

Automate data discovery, classification, and tagging of data assets to enforce privacy policies and user consent for data access.

Vulnerability Management & Pen Testing, Red Team-Blue Team Testing

Shift security faster everywhere in the development lifecycle with Managed Application Security.

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