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Data Discovery and Classification

Protect sensitive information by building essential data optics into a comprehensive data security strategy and reducing your organizational threat surface.

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With the rapid expansion of cloud services and remote work, many organizations pushed data outside their traditional security perimeter, expanding the attack surface and leaving them vulnerable to improperly secured data.

But while tools can help secure data, they’re only helpful when there is a complete understanding of what data is out there to secure.

Persistent’s data and application security services help organizations build a foundation of data governance, privacy, and security. We provide optics to sensitive data, gaining visibility into the data lifecycle and selecting the appropriate technologies to discover and classify data. We build governance structures through non-technical controls, such as defining policies and processes around the organization’s data and a classification policy to drive it. We plan and coordinate the entire organization’s support in the end-to-end data security program.

  • Utilize data discovery tools to improve the visibility of your data assets and determine the appropriate level of sensitivity
  • Inventory data assets and define their criticality to the business to define appropriate access controls to reduce unauthorized access
  • Bolster regulatory compliance posture of your organization with data discovery processes to ensure you know what data you have and where it is
  • Deliver proactive capabilities to apply enhanced information security controls over data without impeding business operations
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Data Security Starts with Visibility

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