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Transform DevOps into DevSecOps by building security testing into the development pipeline, maintaining the speed of agile with security by default.

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The agile methodology speeds up the development lifecycle. By breaking code development into smaller chunks, teams see a faster turnaround. This speed increase comes at the expense of security, where security testing within DevOps is carried out in the pre-production stage, placing security teams under massive time pressure. Compounding the problem is the collection of testing tools with various capabilities requiring management and licensing costs. Effectively integrating these tools with DevOps platforms for testing becomes a challenge.

Persistent’s data and application security services help organizations take control of their DevSecOps lifecycle. With our Engineering DNA and Application Modernization experience, we bring in deep expertise in the field of Application Security. The solution to accelerate security testing is to move it closer to the developers – Shift Left. As part of Managed DevSecOps, we provide a holistic approach toward SAST, DAST, SCA, IAST, and Penetration Testing, along with remediation Support. We partner with niche players in this arena who provide all-in-one platforms, making it easy to manage and cost-effective for our customers.

  • Gap Analysis – Assess existing DevSecOps processes, provide a gap report, and create a roadmap for mature DevSecOps operations.
  • Tools Advisory – Assessment of existing investments, identify gaps and provide advisory on Tools rationalization.
  • Implement DevSecOps – Rollout and integrate Security Tools and processes for a mature DevSecOps operation.
  • Continuous Reporting – Periodic consistent reporting for better governance and tracking.
  • Remediation Support – Liaise with Scrum Teams and Developers to provide remediation solutions for identified vulnerabilities.
  • Harden organizational security posture with rapid and secure application release cycles that bake source code assessment into the development pipeline
  • Improve compliance readiness by implementing a secure software development lifecycle building secure code by default
  • Prepare for supply chain attacks in the development process by assessing external libraries for vulnerabilities before release
  • Respond rapidly to identified security vulnerabilities using SAST, DAST, and IAST to review applications before release, ensuring secure software delivery every time
  • Reduce costs with a “Shift Left” approach of pushing testing earlier in the development process to minimize unnecessary rebuilds
  • Improve organization reputation index by producing secure and resilient code every time, reducing the need for urgent security fixes
Client Success

Accelerating modernization for a global logistics provider by scaling their DevSecOps organization

Prioritizing modernization while maintaining the current rhythm of 24×7 operations, 1.2 million shipments daily, 12000+ users

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Client Success
Extensure Modernization

Accelerating modernization for a global logistics provider by scaling their DevSecOps organization

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