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Vulnerability Management & Pen Testing, Red Team-Blue Team Testing

Leverage vulnerability management infused with continuous penetration testing and red team exercises to provide a deeper focus on genuine business risk.

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The explosion of digital adoption has rapidly increased threat surfaces, making managing the infrastructure’s vulnerabilities more challenging. Enterprises spend too much time remediating and patching non-business critical systems, leaving their higher-risk systems vulnerable.

Persistent’s data and application security services offer a well-rounded risk-based vulnerability management framework that expands beyond the legacy approach of discovering, identifying, analyzing, and remediating vulnerabilities. It takes a holistic approach, accounting for business impact, risk, and asset categorization to arrive at a business-aligned risk score.

Persistent’s approach implements an additional enrichment phase after vulnerability discovery. This phase includes asset categorization aligned to business contextualization enabling enterprises to prioritize and automate the remediation process.

  • Enhance the visibility of your organizational threat landscape with vulnerability scans to identify vulnerabilities and determine the most effective security controls to implement
  • Improve time to identify and remediate by leveraging a complete vulnerability management solution and continuous penetration testing service
  • Streamline the security incident management process by leveraging proactive controls to identify exploitable vulnerabilities before attackers
  • Enhance your security teams by utilizing defined approaches to risk management and treatment that meet or exceed industry standards
  • Reduce threat exposure using a complete vulnerability management process to adopt a risk-based approach to prioritize your security issues
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