Data Analytics And Service Platforms

Persistent enables organizations to utilize the full potential of various data storage platforms, including data lake, data warehouse, data mart and more. Organizations looking to build their software-driven business strategies on a strong foundation of data rely on our expertise to securely store, process and consume data in real-time, and run a variety of modern workloads such as data science and machine learning algorithms.

Our offerings around data platform evaluations and implementation include:

Data Lake

Data Lake Proof of Concept and Point of View Identification:

Includes identification of use-cases, setting up of data lake with capacity planning, deployment and configuration, loading/ingestion of data, exploring data sets and relationships, and demonstrating benefits.

Data Platform

Data Platform Consulting:

Includes technology stack recommendations, identification and comparison of data ingestion, processing and visualizing frameworks, and training IT and data analytics teams for realizing meaningful outcomes.

Data Lake Security

Data Lake Security:

Assessing data security scope and requirement, proposing the right security tooling, implementing access controls, and creating a comprehensive and effective security policy.

Data Lake Implementation

Full Data Lake Implementation:

End-to-end data lake implementation that includes design and setup, tools and technology identification, implementation of data ingestion, cataloging and discovery followed by full operationalization and consumption with security and governance.

Data Lake Workshop

Data Lake Workshop:

Useful in educating business units and IT on data lake and its benefits. The workshop result includes identifying 1 or 2 specific use-cases to implement with their business outcomes.

Our Approach to Data Lake Implementation

Also check out our whitepaper on discovering, governing and transforming raw data into strategic data assets with Data Lake here.

Why Persistent as your Data Platforms Partner

Implementation ExperienceAccelerators and PartnershipsSpeed
With dozens of real implementations under our belt, we don’t experiment or learn as we go with your data. We set up and benchmark for non-functional requirements, select the right tools, and implement with meticulous detail.We have partnerships with multiple analytics vendors, have ready connectors, provide DevOps tooling for setup and operations, and organize lab environments and access to partner product teams and certified professionals.We provide early proof on ROI and points of view from concept-to-completion on the top use cases. We also provide cloud expertise to build data lakes from the ground up on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure for faster outcomes.

Learn more about our Cloud Analytics expertise here

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