Text AI Solution Accelerator

Software-driven businesses create and manage their contracts, invoices, forms, policy manuals and other documents not merely for compliance, but as productive assets in their business workflows and processes. Persistent’s Text.ai solution accelerator allows businesses to digitize documents of different sizes, layouts, formats and quality of print and create valuable assets out of them.

Natural Language ProcessingImage.Ai Ai Image ProcessingIntelligent Document Processing
Natural Language ProcessingImage.ai Image ProcessingIntelligent Document Processing
Interpret and standardize documents written in natural language into entity-based structures and relationships to use them in business workflowsPre-process and digitize images to interpret them, find useful patterns and extract meta-data informationPowerful accelerator built on top of IBM Datacap to extract more value and cognitive capabilities out of the OCR functionality

How it works

The Persistent Text.ai accelerator uses a combination of AI technologies-based, Rule-based, and Dictionary-based document scanning.

Why Text.ai from Persistent

Reduced Turnaround TimeIncreased Coverage and AccuracyImproved Productivity
Find ready components and accelerators for faster capability building around scans and pattern identificationAchieve up to 97% accuracy and 90%+ coverage on document scans to improve speed and quality and drive down costsExperience productivity improvements across your business with reduced manual errors and digitized information powering your workflows

Contact us today to learn more about Text.ai and how it can transform your documents into meaningful and productive assets. Click here to learn more about our AI, ML and Data practice.

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