Modern scientific research and medical devices are relying on software at an increasing rate. Software enables the efficient collection data, perform analyses, run numerical and statistical models, and visualize data. This has resulted in an increased focus on building software products that go beyond performing routine tasks and have an ability to communicate with other systems using their inherent intelligence – then translate them into meaningful insights.

Persistent has vast experience in developing software for analytical instruments across GC, GC-MS, LC, LC-MS, Flow Cytometry, NGS, and other advanced analytical instruments. We have successfully delivered lasting business value to global manufacturers of electronic and bio-analytical measurement instruments and equipment, as well as the development of automation solutions for research instruments.

Our solutions focus on the acquisition, monitoring, analysis, processing, and control of data.

Persistent solution focused on acquisition, monitoring, analysing, processing and control of data

  • Complete product and platform development services: Including product architecture, UX & Design, Development, DevOps, Validation, Release to Operational Support.
  • Legacy or EOL Product Portfolio Management: Product sustenance solutions including bug fixing, service pack management, and end-of-lifecycle of a product.
  • QA automation, Behavior Driven Development and Performance Engineering Services
  • Flexible engagement models: There is flexibility in roles, responsibilities, pricing and engagement. These models allow engagement for a product or across product lines.
  • Our Software Development approach follows Software 4.0 Methodology
Why Persistent?
  • Over 20 years of analytical chemistry and bioinformatics experience
  • We develop software for 3 out of the top 5 Analytical Instrument Companies
  • In-house Laboratory for development & acceptance testing
  • Proven record of rapid and cost-effective innovation
  • Faster time to market due to shortened product development lifecycle
  • Improved product quality and automation coverage
  • Extensive experience on 21 CF Part 11, Annex, GxP, ISO 13485

Explore our automation solutions that focus on acquisition, monitoring, analysis, processing and control of data.