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This is the fourth and final article in our series illustrating how Persistent Systems France’s values-driven processes shape our company culture and our relationships with customers and partners. Previous articles covered our transparent recruiting and onboarding processes that encourage exchange and mutual support amongst colleagues and across teams.

To conclude this series, we’re describing how we:

  • Support our employees in developing their skills
  • Build trusting relationships with customers and partners daily
Retraining, risk-taking and skills development

As we mentioned in a previous article creating confidence is one of Persistent Systems’ core values.

Confidence for us goes hand in hand with being competent but also motivated to learn more. This is essential, given the speed at which digital technology is evolving

Supporting and encouraging our employees to develop their skills aligns with Persistent Systems’ commitment to keeping pace with the rapidly evolving environment in which it operates.

Here are three concrete examples:

  • Complementing technical proficiency with people skills

    Our technically gifted colleague struggled to interact easily with one of our customer’s executives, so we organised some customised training. As a result, he now interacts comfortably and feels completely confident!

  • Supporting career reinvention

    We hire and train juniors and early career professionals. But we also welcome and retrain skilled professionals from other disciplines. For example, dear customers, one of your Persistent project managers may have been a chef in a former life. You’ll probably never know this (unless you become friends and he invites you home for dinner)

  •  Hire for aptitude, train for skills

    Our business is highly technical. But there are times when we’ll hire a candidate based on the potential they demonstrate at the interview. For example, a recent candidate did not bring all the technical knowledge he needed for the advertised job. But we hired him because he clearly had the motivation and soft skills to learn and progress. Time and his will to grow did the rest and proved us right!

Customers and partners, relationships based on trust

The core values we practice internally also underpin our relationships with customers and partners.

A transparent, trust-based collaboration with Salesforce

Persistent Systems has been a Salesforce partner since 2003. During all the years we’ve worked side by side, we’ve understood that successful sales cycles depend on satisfying all three parties: the customer, Salesforce and Persistent.

Everyone needs to be happy with the outcome of our collaboration. For this to happen, Salesforce and Persistent must present a united front at every stage of the project. We may disagree occasionally, but we can discuss and resolve differences openly and sympathetically.

Transparency about our processes, advice, and pricing is key to working together and speaking to the customer in one clear, unambiguous voice.

Collaborating across continents and cultures

Persistent’s worldwide projects call for close, respectful collaboration across cultures, languages, and time zones.

Implementing a conversational AI for AGCO is a case in point. This project required multilingual and multi-location collaboration between the United States, France, and India.  We rose to the challenge with enthusiasm and open-mindedness.

Furthermore, AGCO is not an isolated example: Increasingly, our collaboration with French customers starts in France and then grows to encompass other European offices, as happened with Lennox. Conversely, as with Visiativ, this project started in England and extended to France.

Our physical presence in several regions of France keeps us close to our local customers. Our values-driven processes and relationships keep us close to our growing number of global clients. Currently, Persistent collaborate skilfully with culturally and linguistically diverse customers in Switzerland, Germany, England, Lithuania, USA, and India.

Extending trust-based boundaries

The relationships created with our customers enable them to request our expertise outside designated projects. For instance, several customers have asked for our help to recruit for specific technical roles. When a customer approached us to conduct technical interviews for their new Salesforce administrator, we were glad to help.

We trust our partners in the same way our customers trust us.

We’re surrounded by service providers who share our values, so we never hesitate to put them in contact with our clients.

For example, we regularly introduce customers looking to recruit to a headhunter we’ve worked with for years.

Thank you for reading

We hope this series of articles has given you a helpful insight into Persistent Systems’ values as they apply internally and externally in everything we do, from recruitment and onboarding to building transparent, trustworthy relationships with customers and partners.

In practice, these values enable us to deliver any project with immense goodwill and successful outcomes no matter where our customers and partners are located.

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