Digital Disruption in Manufacturing

Manufacturing OEMs are under pressure like never before. Many established and new players need to respond to the “new normal of low contact operation” where the value of digital continuity, factory replication and digital twins becomes ever higher. In a world where it is necessary to think globally while acting locally, a plant-based MES is no longer enough. Improving efficiency and profitability are still the objective — but the scope of the process now extends beyond a single factory. Manufacturers are responding by relying less on human input and more on digital tools and processes. Manufacturers need global Manufacturing operations management (MOM) and advanced planning and scheduling solutions to meet these objectives.

Challenges that must be addressed

  • Collaboration and business continuity across manufacturing and planning activities
  • Tighter integration with suppliers and distributors
  • High maintenance and costly downtime
  • Demand driven planning and scheduling
  • Synchronization of local and global operations share of best practices



DELMIA Apriso Global Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) – Visibility, Control and Synchronization

DELMIA Apriso products help manufacturers to transform global production operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence. This is accomplished through digital continuity. By connecting the virtual and real worlds of manufacturing and all stakeholders improve visibility into, control over, and synchronization across manufacturing operations and supply chain processes on a global scale.


DELMIA Ortems advanced planning software successfully extends traditional ERP, complementing the DELMIA Digital Manufacturing and DELMIA Apriso solutions. DELMIA Ortems adds the power of constraint-based, finite-capacity resource optimization, and synchronization of production flows — from raw materials through finished products.


anticipate plant

Anticipate plant capacity requirements

Ensures maximum throughput through levelling of the production plan vs. load, scenario analysis, capacity, sales projections, and new product introductions. Delivers uninterrupted supply of finished goods. Enables manufacturers to rethink core capabilities and shift production to essential goods that the market is demanding.

manage unplanned

Manage unplanned exceptions and events

Reduces the risk of supply disruptions through continuous synchronization of supplier production lines with customer assembly operations. Maximizes production utilization with optimized work order scheduling and sequencing while managing unplanned exceptions and events.

unified platform

Unified platform supporting all manufacturing activities

Ensures that data is easily shared across departments to improve visibility and responsiveness. Enables cross-functional teams to work together more effectively and to share best practices.Root cause analysis for faster and more effective problem identification. Data can be correlated between production, quality and maintenance supported by KPIs.

ensure global

Ensure global operations

Enable coordination of operations globally, while executing locally. View, manage, and control your manufacturing assets as a network of capacity, in order to be more responsive and more flexible. Get the right product, with the right configuration, to the right location, at the right time, at the right quality. Reduce global and local time-to-market, reducing cost and risk while improving quality and productivity.

Why a plant-based manufacturing execution system (MES) is not enough

Why Persistent

Persistent is a world class solutions provider that can help you understand, plan, and then iteratively help in your journey towards digital manufacturing. We offer a unique blend of solutions and services expertise that integrates processes, people, tools, and technology across the product lifecycle and supports the entire manufacturing value chain. We deliver business value by tightly integrating legacy design & engineering, manufacturing, and operational systems with industry leading processes, software, and analytics capabilities.

Clients choose us to create an integrated composable technology stack enabled by a digital industrial mosaic of business solutions, applications, data platforms, and infrastructure that ensures a seamless flow of consistent, correct, and complete data from design through operations.

why persistent


Persistent in addition to its partnership with DS, has also built a set of platform and domain partnerships that enable it to offer its services in a wide array of domains and functional areas and to scale those teams as needed.




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