Digilocker: Decentralized Digital Locker (Smart Locker)

Document storage with centralized services is vulnerable to data breaches and may even lead to denial of service, in case the service is compromised. Users also have no control on a government forcing the service to disclose their data or on how it is stored on the server. The documents are also vulnerable to theft from insiders capable of obtaining the encryption keys.

digital locker

A decentralized digital locker can be built in a server-less fashion (as a Dapp) by leveraging Ethereum’s blockchain technology. It allows users to upload and store personal documents, that are encrypted and stored in a decentralized manner using services such as Inter Planetary File System (IPFS). We built a prototype of this using Ethereum Dapps, where the encryption keys are maintained and accessible only to the end user on their device. The user can also share the documents securely with other users that they choose. An Ethereum smart-contract facilitates this transfer and creates a verifiable audit trail of the same

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