IBM Cloud Pak Deployment Services

IBM Cloud Pak Deployment Services

Enabling a faster, more reliable way to build, more, and manager workloads on hybrid cloud.

Organizations need to improve efficiency and resiliency while reducing costs and maximizing ROI. IBM Cloud Paks help organizations efficiently, cost effectively, and securely bring IBM’s automation, data, and security solutions to hybrid cloud. IBM Cloud Paks are enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions based on Red Hat OpenShift technology that enable an open, faster, and more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud.

Persistent speeds the deployment and configuration of IBM Cloud Paks so enterprises can rapidly and reliably accelerate the journey to hybrid cloud. We manage deployment complexity with the right combination of containerization, cloud platform management, and IBM solution skills along with a flexible global delivery footprint.

Get started by engaging with Persistent experts to configure container platforms and operational services, install Cloud Paks, prepare environments, develop a pilot solution, and move the workload into production.

  • Deploy quickly to transform business and build new capabilities
  • Deploy enterprise applications on hybrid cloud and move on-premises or on public cloud. Improve efficiency by automating operations in your hybrid multicloud environments
  • Deliver as packaged use cases to build, move, and manage easily
  • Full software stack support, and ongoing security, compliance, and version compatibility

Offerings & Solutions

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Protects and optimize current investments with flexible licensing and deployment options for immediate cost savings from existing application investment and new apps.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

Quickly scale up or down to meet fluctuating customer demand, rapidly create new products and services to gain competitive advantage, and increase the productivity of remote and onsite workers.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Brings together all the critical cloud, data and AI capabilities as containerized microservices to deliver the AI Ladder within one unified multicloud platform.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

A modern, agile approach to integration that empowers extended teams to create integrations, leverages a complete set of integration styles and capabilities and increases overall productivity.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

An application-centric, AI infused platform for IT automation designed to provide full visibility and control.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Containerized software platform pre-integrated with Red Hat OpenShift that connects to existing security data sources, enabling teams to search for indicators of compromise (IOC) across any cloud or on-premises location and uncover new threats.

Persistent Service Offerings across all Cloud Paks
Infographic on Persistent Systems Service Offerings across all Cloud Paks
Client Success

Persistent modernizes IBM Product Master

Persistent deploys Kubernetes-based containerization to unlock additional speed, scalability and cloud-readiness for IBM Product Master.

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Why Persistent?
Deep Product Knowledge

Persistent is IBM’s development partner for the Product Master suite and has an unrivalled depth of product knowledge and access to skilled resources.

Technology Experience

Skills to seamlessly migrating your on-premises solution to a SaaS model.

Integration Expertise

Providing and implementing a complete IBM Product Master solution in your data center or on the cloud with the skills and tools to integrate into existing core systems.

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Cloud Pak Deployment and Core IT Modernization for Enterprises
Cloud Pak Deployment and Core IT Modernization for Enterprises


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Cloud Pak Deployment and Core IT Modernization for Enterprises

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