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Accelerate time to market through easy interoperability with other software.

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The increasing use of digital technologies require ISVs to support integrations with other software through connectors. Not having this support limits adoption leading to loss of market share. Conversely, having connector support can be a differentiator and a channel for growth.

The Data Connector Factory solution offers software vendors, a pre-built set of connectivity adapters, a test automation framework, and interoperability certification lab and best practices to accelerate time to market and be competitive. The solution also includes managed services with SLAs to maintain and support the connectors over time.

  • Accelerated time to market with ready integrations to deliver 100s of connectors quickly
  • Reduced time and effort to onboard new customers
  • Enhanced quality and test coverage of third-party integrations
  • Improved competitiveness with pre-built interoperability coverage
  • Standardized and repeatable approach for efficient connector development, packaging, deployment, and diagnostic process.
Client Success

Data stack modernization to deliver data monetization at Ellie Mae

How a mortgage finance SaaS company went beyond transactional support to monetize data despite being in a heavily regulated industry.

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Client Success
Data stack modernization to deliver data monetization at Ellie Mae| Persistent Systems

Data stack modernization to deliver data monetization at Ellie Mae

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Why Persistent?
Readymade Repository of Connectors

Accelerate time to value with a vast repository of ready-to-use connectors, adapters and framework that deliver interoperability with hundreds of software products.

Thorough Understanding of Interoperability

For over thirty years, we have helped ISVs expand their reach with development of connector suites, accelerators to achieve scale, and  certification labs to validate interoperability.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Get connectors tailored to your needs through our engineering and implementation partnerships with leading technology companies.

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