Agile Transformation

Assessment, coaching and methodologies to accelerate Agile transformation.

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Rising customer expectations, disruptive business models and new-age digital experiences need next-generation digital products powered by agile and continuous engineering development methodologies.

Adopting Agile is a business imperative; however, it deep-rooted in organizational culture and processes.

Our thinking and bottom-up approach allow us to bring Agile into customer engagements to help embrace the need for cultural transformation in their journey to become more agile. It is tailored to the culture of each customer with a goal to navigate them towards greater Agile maturity and adoption.

With our 30-year legacy of leadership in software product engineering and digital transformation, Agile is in our DNA as a company, in what we do for our customers and in how we do it.

Offerings & Solutions
Persistent Agile Maturity Model

Organizational assessment to identify enablers and interventions to create an agile mindset and culture, and to build agile capability.

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Institutionalization through Agile Coaching

Coaching to adopt agile processes and systems, along with Agile Maturity assessments and improvement actions.

Methodology & Metrics

Helping customers to define their methodology, measurements & processes for Agile.

Tools recommendation and Deployment

Guiding customer to scan and evaluate the right set of tools, adoption & implementation of tools.

Training & Certifications

Training program for Scrum master, Product Owner, Scrum Developer as well as our engineering techniques & tools.

Agile CoE at Persistent Systems
Agile CoE at Persistent Systems
Client Success

K-2 leverages Agile to turn an idea into a product and bring it to market, fast!

Leveraging principles of agile to explore different possibilities allowed K-2 to create a product and bring to market quickly.

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Client Success
Persistent Systems Client - K2 venture Capital

K-2 leverages Agile to turn an idea into a product and bring it to market, fast!

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Why Persistent?
Product Development DNA

30-year legacy of leadership in software product engineering and digital transformation.

Innovation partner for the software product companies

Excellent track record with clients and partner of choice for the world’s leading software product companies.

Robust Partner Ecosystem

Combining the power of Design Thinking, Hackathons, Continuous Engineering and agile to build next-generation digital products.

Persistent’s Agile
Maturity Model

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A structured framework for assessing team and organizational capabilities for building next-generation software.

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News & Insights

Access our latest thought leadership and updates on Digital Product Engineering.



Agile is moving out of the delivery and moving into the discovery

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Press Release

We Know Agile! We Live Agile! We are the Best at Making You Agile!

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Agile Day 2019: A celebration and appreciation of Agile capabilities at Persistent

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