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Audit and Compliance Management

Achieve improved security, scalability, and cost reduction using expert services to design and implement automation, streamlining audit and compliance processes.

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Managing risk and compliance is essential with increasingly complex business models and rapidly changing regulatory requirements. Manual and resource-intensive processes and tools are slow, expensive, and error-prone, and control failures can lead to reputational damage, loss of business, financial losses, and lost productivity. Regulatory compliance requires monitoring controls continuously, complying with changing regulatory requirements, and ensuring the effectiveness of controls.

Persistent provides a flexible and integrated Audit and Compliance Management solution for best-in-class continuous compliance monitoring. Our governance risk and compliance services establish a common control framework to address regulatory and internal control monitoring requirements. We provide a real-time, holistic view of the risk and compliance landscape for governance boards and executive leadership teams. This enables them to operate within the boundaries of organizational policies and regulatory requirements.

  • Reduce the cost of compliance efforts through automation, of GRC activities, eliminating time-consuming manual processes and streamlining operations
  • Prepare for new or changing regulations and compliance requirements using scalable processes to adapt to changes rapidly
  • Standardize by establishing custom a compliance management framework for compliance assessment & reporting enterprise wide
  • Enable proactive risk management and grow risk and compliance management maturity to help executives make informed decisions aligned with GRC requirements.
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