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AWS, Azure, and GCP Security Implementations

Implement multi-cloud security models that scale with your organization to protect data and applications no matter where your information resides.

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Most organizations use a combination of two or more cloud service providers, making it difficult to monitor and secure these environments consistently. Each cloud service provider has a different level of cloud-native security capabilities. In-depth knowledge of each of these environments is critical to secure the workloads.

Enterprises can only secure what they see, requiring comprehensive visibility across all cloud-native workloads and applications. Traditional security tools are not designed to provide granular visibility, and inconsistent deployment across cloud environments results in decentralized and sporadically implemented controls that limit public visibility.

The road to cloud security is challenging, and Persistent is a partner you can trust in this journey. As a managed security service provider, Persistent Adopts a “Secure-by-default” approach to minimize security risks due to misconfigurations, configuration oversight, and lack of security skillsets among DevOps engineers.

Persistent is well-positioned to protect your organization. They use a curated list of Templatized Infrastructure as Code (IAC) modules using Terraform, with built-in Security controls for the different multi-cloud services (AWS, Azure, and GCP). Combined with their strategic alliances and partnerships with multi-cloud security platforms, Persistent can exceed the industry standard for Cloud Security Platform Management.

  • Reduce costs and delays from re-architecting production environments by infusing data security controls directly into builds
  • Streamline multiple cloud infrastructure deployment using one-touch solutions that reduce manual processes and automatically deploy controls to prevent data breaches
  • Bake-in Security from the outset using pre-emptive data protection controls for any services getting deployed on single or multi-cloud environments
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