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Monitor endpoints to protect your enterprise networks against endpoint security risks using innovative technologies to actively detect, investigate, and mitigate against advanced cyber threats 24/7/365.

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Most attacks start with a compromised endpoint; Organizations must adopt both prevention and detection capabilities across the endpoint estate to obstruct intruders from obtaining access to the network and limit the options for lateral movement and subsequent exploitation.

In today’s threat landscape, endpoints pose a significant security risk because, if not adequately secured, they can serve as a key point of entry for attackers. Traditional endpoint security technologies fail to detect most contemporary threats making defending against endpoint-focused attacks challenging.

Persistent is a managed security service provider that can help you leverage an experienced team of threat hunters empowered by advanced technology and real-time threat data through our managed Security Operations Centers (SOCs). We provide round-the-clock services to secure our clients by monitoring, detecting, and responding to sophisticated endpoint cyber-threats.

Persistent’s Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution can significantly improve the visibility of cyberattacks targeting your endpoint devices, identifying threats that other security controls often miss.

  • Utilize specialized security resources to manage EDR implementation, administration, and policy fine-tuning in alignment with business goals and standards
  • Respond rapidly to security events 24/7 using advanced threat detection and security monitoring tools, catching attacks before they gain traction
  • Reduce risk and avoid security breaches using endpoint traffic visibility to drive real-time threat detection and response
  • Identify common attack vectors to proactively reduce vulnerabilities and shrink the attack surface making your organization a less desirable target for attackers
  • Prevent compromised systems from infecting your entire IT ecosystem by rapidly isolating suspicious or infected endpoints

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