Persistent is partnering with its clients in their transformation journey to the cloud. We collaborate with organizations to define the most appropriate cloud or multi-cloud strategy and the best path to modernize their legacy infrastructure.

Going multi-cloud to avoid vendor lock-in is a common pattern now leading to widespread adoption of containerization using Kubernetes. In order to support such multi-cloud initiatives, a combination of open-source (e.g. Terraform) and some commercial solutions have accelerated the migration process. Hyperscalers provide native tools and/or methodologies with varying degree of functionality to facilitate migration to their cloud. However, all of them fall short in some respects. This coupled with the scarcity of cloud skills makes it difficult for customers to achieve their business goals on time and within budget.

Hyper-automation hence plays a vital role in reducing the cost of cloud migration while ensuring on-time and on budget outcomes. Persistent brings to bear a strong practitioner-led culture, assets, and accelerators to provide rapid value to customers and a cloud agnostic advisory capability. In order to bolster our cloud transformation offerings and solutions, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of assets and a highly specialized team of cloud experts from Sureline Systems. This acquisition will reduce cloud migration costs and speed modernization from on-prem data centers to multi-cloud environments. Based in San Jose, California, and Pune, India, Sureline Systems delivers “cloud migration without constraints” through a set of proven platforms. These assets augment our existing cloud and infrastructure capabilities, including:

  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Migration and Modernization Offerings
  • Multi-Cloud Managed Services

Whether it’s a lift and shift or a cloud-native initiative with a containerized approach, the Sureline platform offers cloud migration with easy workflow and automation, reducing human intervention and manual errors. The ability to test migrated applications and data in a sandbox provides end-to-end integrity validation and eliminates unnecessary business disruption.  It’s also source and target agnostic and supports multi-cloud environments, which is great news for the wide range of enterprise customers we’re working with.  We can jumpstart your cloud transformation with little to no business disruption and with high confidence and repeatability.

Learn more about Persistent’s Cloud & Infrastructure Services. I would also encourage you to reach out directly – email: or via our website.