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Leading Retail  Pharmacy Chain Saves $9M with Streamlined Identity Management Solution

A multi-billion dollar company and one of the top five largest US-based retail pharmacy chains, with over 9,000 stores located across the nation.

The Challenge

The client, a leading retail pharmacy chain in the US, was using Oracle as its identity management system. Despite being a well-established solution, it included a hefty price tag. Additionally, the user interface wasn’t intuitive, and employees found it cumbersome. Access requests, approvals, and password resets needed manual intervention by the IDAdmin team, increasing resolution time and workload .

Employees struggled to manage multiple IDs and passwords across different systems, a frustrating and time-consuming requirement. These challenges dampened morale and productivity. The client sought to streamline their identity management, reduce the burden on the IDAdmin team, and simplify the user experience.

The Solution

To address the client’s challenges with Oracle Identity Management (OIM), Persistent recommended Saviynt’s platform for both ease of use and cost savings. With Saviynt, the team automated the onboarding and termination processes. Because the platform receives daily feeds directly from HR on any user changes, this facilitated automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of users, which streamlined the identity management process significantly.

Ignite/MyPassport, and Saviynt’s self-service portal provided self-service options for password changes, access requests, and group management requests, creating an efficient solution for self-service requests and thereby reducing the burden on the IDAdmin team.

The team initiated a synchronized one-ID and one password system using the Saviynt platform. This simplified the user experience, eliminating the need to remember multiple credentials. Persistent also activated a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) component, adding an extra layer of security.

The Outcome

The measurable impact of the solution is evident, with improved efficiency, security, cost savings, and streamlined identity management processes. Saviynt saved the client $9M. The synchronized one ID and one-password system eliminated the confusion of managing multiple credentials across systems. MFA allowed for secure remote authentication.

Automating the process of resetting passwords reduced the workload on the helpdesk. Self-service functionality streamlined access requests, with 81% of requests being self-serviced rather than the IDAdmin group, decreasing service time from seven days to near instantaneous. Over 45 days, there were more than 150,000 self-service password resets, demonstrating the ease of use for employees.

Technology Used
  • Saviynt
  • Ignite

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