Let’s face it, lending organizations are struggling to stay ahead of the rapid pace of change. Persistent Systems’ Salesforce cloud-based

Loan Origination System is here to help.

The Loan Origination System (LOS) automates the origination and approval of loans rapidly. It offers lenders the simplicity, security, and scalability to process high volumes of loan application during peak seasons and stay in control all the time.

Designed to meet the needs of frontline, back-office, and executive staff, the LOS integrates tools that improve efficiency at every level. It provides the transparency managers require and eliminates manual processes. Engineered for efficiency, it delivers the benefits of automation with the advantages of a secure cloud platform.

Persistent Systems is a global platinum salesforce.com partner with a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) of 9.6/10. Persistent has a proven track record of delivering solutions built on the Salesforce platform for a decade.

Key Features

Customizable loan origination solution

Tracking loan applications across all stages

Seamless user experience

Customer and partner community for enhanced collaboration

Eliminate sources of human error for faster, better-quality decisioning

Predictable, repeatable, and audit-able processes

Integration with core banking and third party systems

Personalized reports and dashboards for executives and operations team


Manage increased loan transactions during peak seasons.

Configurable approvals enabling no-touch/low-touch processing.

Reduced Turn-Around Time (TAT).

Visibility to existing customer loans and details to offer cross-selling.

Persistent Systems has successfully implemented LOS for clients like Tata Capital and Fairheads Benefits. Clients have witnessed 30-60% increases in loan transactions, reduced loan approval times from days to minutes, and as much as 90% reductions in code deployment efforts post implementation.

Case Study

Our client is the largest financial services company of consumer durable goods in India and provides multiple lending options for a large variety of consumer and commercial needs. As part of their high quality customer service, they guarantee that their loan approval process will only take 5 minutes

Customer Testimonials

"Persistent has provided us value for money
with timely quality delivery thanks to their
domain knowledge, agility, flexibility,
proactiveness and speed. Would continue to
nurture our mutually beneficial partnership."

Head-CFD IT, Tata Capital

Customer Testimonials

"A big thank you to the team from
Persistent for providing a superb
service to us."

CTO, Fairheads Benefits

Customer Testimonials

"Not only does Persistent bring the depth of
experience we need, but their collaborative
and consultative approach to execution
makes them feel more in-house than
out-source, more onshore than offshore.
With Persistent by our side, I look forward
to tackling the challenges ahead."

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