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Protect your infrastructure with an integrated network security solution to swiftly detect and combat attacks across the entire internal network along with cloud and connected devices.

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The shift in workforce management and rapid adoption of the cloud has led to a growth in sophisticated cyber threats. Sensitive data is collected, processed, and distributed outside the protected corporate boundaries. It’s imperative to implement robust security controls across. Technology has become essential for meeting the needs of customers, employees, and suppliers. Thus, infrastructure security requires depth and breadth of knowledge, technologies, and methodologies to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Persistent is a managed security service provider delivering network security services. These services are a comprehensive suite you can apply to your network to reduce network threats and maximize uptime. Persistent has constructed infrastructure security offerings aligning to Identify, Defend, Protect and Respond framework that swiftly enables enterprises to detect and combat network threats through defense-in-depth mechanisms.

We design, deploy, configure, integrate, and manage network protection controls such as next-generation firewalls to protect IT assets.

  • Align security operational efforts across IT Strategy and business to identify threats and attack vectors while minimizing impact on business operations
  • Prepare your organization for the constantly changing threat landscape using service offerings to manage threats and risk effectively
  • Inspire confidence in your customers using managed security services (MSS) to reduce the visible impact of malicious activity
  • Employ active threat detection and response to allow employees to work safely and secured no matter where they are located
  • Secure enterprise assets and data irrespective of location and hosting with a proactive inside-out and outside-in approach
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