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We are a trusted Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization partner, combining deep technical expertise and industry experience to help our clients anticipate what’s next and answer questions before they’re asked. Our offerings and proven solutions create unique competitive advantage for our clients by giving them the power to see beyond and rise above.

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Persistent wins prestigious ISG Star of Excellence Award

Awards and Recognitions

Persistent wins prestigious ISG Star of Excellence and four more awards for best in class CX

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32nd Annual Report 2021-22

Unleashing Potential

We are committed to unleashing the potential of our expertise, clients, people, partners, and communities as we move forward.

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Our Origins

Persistent 30-Year Journey

From our humble beginnings in India in 1990 to today’s presence in 15 countries, and a diverse group of over…

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ESG Report 2021-22

Environmental, Social and Governance

The world is one family” reflects our belief that the way we do business is inextricably linked to our sustainability…

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ESG Report 2021-22
 Persistent Services and Industries Listing

Environmental, Social and Governance

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Corporate Values

Persistent Systems Corporate Values- Ingenious


We always want to be first to transform new ideas into tangible business results while optimizing our use of resources.

We are versatile in action and agile in thought because we believe it’s important to do more with less. For us, ingenious solutions are the ultimate goal.

Persistent Systems Corporate Values- Responsible


With our clients’ and colleagues’ best interest at heart, we act responsibly and communicate with clarity. Our global practice demands respect and openness towards each other, the communities around us and global society at large. We take seriously the trust placed in us and work hard to earn it every day. We never make a promise that we cannot keep.

Persistent Systems Corporate Values- Persistent


In the face of complexity and rapid change, we are determined to help our customers and our people around the world succeed.

The road to joint success may be long but we’re persistent where our competitors falter. Our optimism is infectious and helps customers trust in our abilities. Together we build momentum towards our shared goals.

Persistent Systems Corporate Values- Confident


We meet every challenge with respect and confidence. We trust in our abilities and the difference we can make. We also understand the complexities of modern technology well enough to always keep learning. Every accomplishment and customer success adds to our ability and growth. They deserve to be talked about.

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    You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com

    You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com