Genomics & Multiomics Data Solutions

Genomics and Multi-omics can bring significant benefits to healthcare systems, by accelerating clinical research and drug development, personalizing treatment regimens, improving patient outcomes, and reducing the cost of care. Persistent’s high performing Genomic data solutions enable flexible data integration, secure analysis and interpretation of genomics, multi-omics, and clinical information.

Diagnostics labs use our solutions across their lab menu for scientific and operational consistency and scalability. With aggregated data insights value, hidden in aggregated genomics data, to deliver enhanced customer experience.
Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies and research institutes use our solutions to connect patient clinical health and genomic information to assist target identification, biomarker discovery, and the workflows in clinical trial design.

With our strong expertise on AIML, we help our customers build innovative solutions to accelerate variant interpretation, biomarker discovery, risk screening, precision medicine. Our customers have built secure, fit to purpose portals to enable cross-disciplinary collaboration, scales data and pipeline distribution, and allows unique engagement with their end customers.

Persistent simplifies security and compliance for critical business operations, enabling you to focus on the science. Persistent Regulatory Compliance services facilitate our customers to comply with ISO 27001, HIPAA, CAP/CLIA, GxP, FedRAMP, GDPR, and more.

Success Stories

data strategy and governance

Accelerating Long term, longitudinal studies on colo-rectal and lung cancer

Persistent Systems helps RenalytixAI bring Kidney diagnostic solutions to market faster

Persistent’s ML algorithm accelerates LungLifeAI’s mission to transform cancer diagnosis

Six Strategies for Scaling Clinical Genomics with Cloud

Six Strategies for Scaling Clinical Genomics with Cloud

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