Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Accelerate enterprise automation and digital transformation

Automation is the key to today’s enterprise growth and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is fueling this growth by helping companies optimize their costs and accelerate on the automation journey.

Persistent has partnered with top RPA solution providers to tailor customized intelligent RPA solutions to suit your requirements. As organizations progress on their automation journey, they come across with process complexities and challenges in dealing with unstructured free form data limiting their automation initiatives. Levering the cutting-edge AI technologies, we help customers with intelligent RPA solutions that mimic human behavior and takes informed decisions based on AI algorithms.

Why Intelligent RPA?

Tech Agnostic

Increased Accuracy

Robotic Process Automation software robots are programmed to follow rules and perform operations 24×7 with accuracy. Multiple digital checks and verifications makes it more accurate even to the decimal.

Non Intrusive

Improved compliance

Digital workers have their tasks defined, documented and communicated to all stakeholders. This helps you to be in complete control to operate and update as rules change in the system.

Faster ROI & cost savings

RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 70%.

ROI in less than 6 months

See results in less than 6 months when you kickstart your automation journey on the cloud, integrate it with AI/ML tools and enable intelligent automation.

Scalable & On Demand

Enterprises need on demand bandwidth for seasonal or unplanned augmentation of workforce. With RPA your digital workforce can be scaled on demand to complete specific tasks and accelerate process.

Increased speed and productivity

Employees are the first to appreciate the benefits of RPA as it removes non-value-add activities and relieves them from the rising pressure of work.

ROI Driven Strategy

Our ROI driven strategies and COE practices for RPA helps you identify use cases across functions to leverage Digital workers 24×7 and scale on demand.Discover new processes for automation through greenhouse methodologies.

Your journey to a digital enterprise

  • Team up with technology and domain experts to innovate and navigate.
  • Identify technology enablers through POCs and POVs.
  • Experiment and innovate through faster deployment and customer feedback.
  • Take informed technical decisions to reduce ambiguity through constant POC evaluations and benchmarking.
  • Incubate and explore new business ideas continuously, for each cycle.

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