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Stand out in the Sea of Sameness through relevant customer experiences

The experiences your customers have with your brand are decisive for your marketing success. In the era of hyper-personalization, you need to leverage the data in your business to create insightful marketing experiences for your customers to deliver the right content at the right time, over the right channel.

Unleashing the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables new strategies to improve sales, marketing, and service performance to drive customer loyalty.

Stand out with data-driven customer experiences

As personalized experiences matter more than ever, unifying customer data to create engaging, cohesive journeys across channels has taken top priority for most businesses. At the same time, the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is further accelerating the rate at which businesses leverage their data. The gap between adopters and those who hesitate is widening just as rapidly.

This is where Persistent’s Marketing Cloud practice comes in. We are a global team of expert consultants who blend marketing excellence, industry expertise and technology know-how to provide a truly transformative marketing experience.

Create targeted Customer Experiences to:

  • Increase brand/product awareness
  • Drive consideration & demand
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Maximize sales to existing customers
  • Reduce customer service incidents
  • Decrease customer churn & increase loyalty
  • Boost overall marketing effectiveness & efficiency

Create differentiated Digital Experiences

  • Increase sales to existing customers
  • Lower new customer acquisition costs
  • Reduce customer churn and increase loyalty
  • Resolve customer service problems more efficiently – or better yet, avoid them all together
  • Increase effectiveness by targeting qualified prospects

We offer proven expertise across all Marketing Cloud products

Explore our range of data-driven marketing experiences delivered across channels

range of data-driven marketing experiences delivered across channels

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