Businesses Today Are All Fired-Up For A Bot Explosion

Create Robust, Enterprise-grade Chatbots to Transform Your Customer Service.

IBM Watson Chatbot by Persistent puts artificial intelligence to work for your business, improving your customer satisfaction and engagement levels and your employee efficiency and effectiveness at the same time. We build conversational solutions that can naturally interact with your customers, promptly addressing their most common questions and concerns without the need for human intervention. Our Chatbots leverage IBM Watson machine learning to continually expand and refine their engagements based on all past interactions, so they get better over time, just as your employees do.

See how IBM Watson Chatbot by Persistent can engage with your customers and support your manual response teams.

Watson IoT Chatbot facebook

ENTERPRISE – Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Chat application from within Facebook Messenger.

Watson IoT Chatbot chat icon

ENTERPRISE – Automated customer service agent
A self-service conversational agent with Watson Speech-to-text and Text-to-speech capabilities.

Watson IoT Chatbot headphone icon

ENTERPRISE – Smart Omni-channel Virtual Agent
Virtual Agent built on Watson Conversation Services to automate call center response and improve customer engagement experience.

ACADEMICS: Chatbot for Student Interaction
A website based Chatbot developed to answer frequently asked students’ queries and address their important issues.

Watson IoT Chatbot lightbulb icon

AUTO INDUSTRY – Self Driving car
Understands questions and provides responses. Uses natural language conversation and interaction.

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mylife insurance demo

hill valley university demo

The Future Of Customer Interactions.

By automating manual pre-sales / FAQ support and deflecting calls to conversational interface you can:

  • Save money
  • Relieve marketing resources from mundane queries
  • Capture more leads
  • Provide better customer service
  • Improve your company’s branding and competitive edge

Register your interest for the Persistent Chatbot Discovery Workshop now.

During this FREE 2 hour hands-on workshop our consultant will:

  • Take you through the solution’s scope of work.
  • Discuss any specific requirements of your organisation.
  • Demonstrate how the chatbot will significantly reduce operation costs in your organisation.
  • Show how the chatbot will increase revenue / profit by maximizing value from otherwise lost sales leads.
  • Answer all the questions that you may have regarding the solution.

Start building the contact centre of the future with IBM Watson Chatbot by Persistent.

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