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The acceleration in product and application complexity has exceeded the capacity of many legacy and homegrown design and engineering platforms, putting product quality, development cycles and compliance at risk.

At the same time, many manufacturers and developers are frustrated by the inconsistent integration, data silos and lack of end-to-end visibility that can rob many development environments of the efficiency, visibility and seamless collaboration they need to succeed.

If your competition is beating you to market with better and cheaper products and software, let Persistent Systems help you even the odds and deliver the lasting competitive advantage you need.

Our purpose-built solutions listed below were created to help you tackle the most common challenges affecting software and product developers today, allowing you to:

  • Keep up with growing software and hardware complexity
  • Better manage your increasing variations
  • Unlock end-to-end process visibility
  • Improve time to market
  • Improve collaboration across all roles and responsibilities

Persistent Solutions for IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM)

Today’s products are more complex and connected than ever before, with even the most mundane items getting packed with sensors and software. The industry and regional regulations these products must adhere to are also growing in complexity, as the standards bodies and governments try to keep pace.

Product and systems engineers are adopting IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution to manage these growing complexity and compliance needs. ELM tools apply continuous engineering (CE) and collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) best practices and methodologies to manage all aspects of the product lifecycle, from requirements and changes to versions, testing and many other tasks.

Persistent Systems, a Gold IBM business partner, offers a variety of solutions and services that help you maximize your success in software and systems engineering.

Persistent Solutions for Dassault Systèmes Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Today’s environment of increasing speed, complexity and connectedness demands a new generation of project lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions. Solutions that:

  • Enable development teams to bring higher quality products to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Address the specific needs of each phase of the modern product lifecycle, from concept to maintenance.
  • Work seamlessly with one another.
  • Offer embedded collaboration features that allow decentralized work teams to act with clarity and efficiency.

That’s the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform by Dassault Systèmes, one of the most trusted names in product design, prototyping, development and testing for nearly 40 years.

Persistent Systems, a certified Dassault Systèmes Value Solutions Partner, offers a variety of focused services designed to help you fully integrate, optimize and maximize your PLM investment.

Integration Solutions and Connectors

End to end management of your product lifecycle requires the total integration of your core systems and the data that flows between them – integration that exceeds the limitations of today’s APIs.

Deliver sustainable, significant performance advantages for your people and processes with customized integrators, accelerators and connectors from Persistent.

Our industrial developers have deep experience integrating, accelerating and connecting your ALM, PLM, ERP and MES platforms and more, including:

  • Dashboard widgets
  • Data visualizations
  • Reports
  • Plug-ins
  • Adapters
  • DevOps pipelines

Let our development team create the custom connectors, APIs, features and functions you need to fully support your business’s specific processes, workflows, data hierarchies, reporting needs and more.

One example is Persistent’s UNITE platform that integrates IBM’s ELM platform with complementary design, engineering, manufacturing and operations software like Atlassian Jira®, the leading issue tracking platform.

Implementation and Optimization Services

The more up-to-date and tightly integrated your ALM and PLM solutions are with the rest of your environment, the better and more efficiently your entire organization can operate. Let our industrial ALM and PLM experts help you keep your critical platforms running at their peak with the following support services:

  • Assessments & Upgrade Support: Upgrading to the latest version delivers significant new features and benefits but knowing when and how to upgrade isn’t always clear. Persistent’s industrial software experts can assess your organization for technical and functional feasibility, then when your organization is ready, we can deliver a roadmap to help you seamlessly migrate to the latest version with all your data intact.
  • Implementation & Customization Support: In systems as complex and pervasive as PLM and ALM are, implementing new features and functions or customizing others can have unintended consequences, if left in the wrong hands.

Persistent’s developers rely on an implementation and customization framework that addresses all aspects of the implementation lifecycle using repeatable, proven methods adapted to your unique needs, taking into consideration best business practices and current and future IT infrastructures.

Manufacturers who rely on Persistent Systems for their ALM and PLM support experience the following benefits:

  • Lower project risk
  • More predictable project scoping, timing and pricing
  • Higher platform ROI
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Faster time to value
  • Uninterrupted business operations
  • Increased organization success

Managed and Cloud Services

Leading ALM and product lifecycle management PLM platforms deliver significant advantages to the businesses that deploy them but acquiring and integrating them on premise requires a significant commitment to hardware, maintenance, uptime, staffing and support resources to ensure they function as intended.

Industrial and manufacturing organizations have another option that allows them to get all the benefits of world-class ALM and PLM systems without the downsides of ownership: managed and cloud services from Persistent Systems.

Our managed services support options include:

  • On premises, cloud or hybrid models available to meet your exact needs and integrate fully with your IT ecosystem, working with our various cloud partners including AWS.
  • Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore support options to match your needs and budget.
  • EU or US Citizen-specific support options for defense, military and government manufacturers

When you let the ALM and PLM experts at Persistent host, manage and maintain your platform, your instance will be there whenever and wherever you need it, current, patched up and secure.

Companies that trust Persistent Systems with their ALM and PLM needs experience the following benefits:

  • Faster time to use/value
  • Decreased system downtime
  • The ability to leverage new features quickly
  • More efficient infrastructure management
  • Improved system support through Persistent ALM and PLM experts

Persistent Systems also offers manufacturers several distinct ways to maximize the benefits of cloud and accelerate your time to value in the process, including Enterprise Cloud Migration, Enterprise Application Modernization and Cloud-Native Development.

Our development teams are highly experienced at developing new cloud-native applications for a variety of industries including Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, and Autonomous Vehicles, enabling companies to accelerate time-to-market and time-to-value while reducing development costs.

Product and Application Development

In most complex manufacturing IT ecosystems, software platforms and applications are rarely able to address the IT/OT integration needs of industrial organizations right off the shelf. You’ll need focused support to deliver the custom features and supporting applications that unlock the full potential of the software and your organization alike.

When it comes to product and application development, Persistent Systems delivers the development breadth and industry depth your business requires, including:

  • More than 1,000 industrial experts worldwide who can deeply understand your software and integration needs and challenges
  • More than 8,000 engineering, programming and technical experts offering the exact scope, scale and skill your product or application needs
  • Unequalled experience when it comes to supporting IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM), since Persistent has been the primary developer of the suite of applications for many years now on IBM’s behalf
  • 25 years of custom software solutions development experience that 14 of the top 20 technology companies in the world rely on every day
  • Proven manufacturing industry expertise, like our Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solution, developed with AWS

If you’re a manufacturer frustrated with the speed or results of your digital transformation, Contact us today. Our industrial integration experts worldwide are standing by to accelerate your digital maturity progress, help you get more from your existing IT investments, and unlock your true potential to deliver higher quality products in less time at lower cost.

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