IoT-connected Asset Management for OEMs

IoT-connected Asset Management solution for OEMs is built for Original Equipment Manufacturers of high-value equipment who would like to build IoT capability to better digitize, manage and monetize their portfolio of equipment. It brings many disparate technologies together to create a seamless and unified asset management solution that can open up newer opportunities for OEMs.

The offering applies to a wide range of industries and includes:

Modernizing and transforming the server-side of applications to help scale more efficiently

Implementation of Machine Learning and AI technologies to enable predictive maintenance

Bringing real usage data integrations into electronic design automation (EDA), product lifecycle management (PLM) and continuous engineering (CE) tools for improving simulation accuracy and better identification of failures

Addition of data and API ecosystem into existing tools and processes for more partnership and revenue generation opportunities

Development accelerators that combine multiple disparate technologies to unlock value

Why IoT-connected Asset Management from Persistent

Improved Performance Customer Satisfaction New Revenue Opportunities
Extended equipment life due to better maintenance schedule, predictive maintenance and reduced mean time between failures (MTBF) Better insights for end customers to increase asset utilization, decrease energy consumption and extend product life span Revenue uplift from a new Asset Management SaaS, with new partnership ecosystem and integration possibilities

Download the brochure for IoT-connected Asset Management for OEMs to learn more.

Contact us today and talk to our consultants to understand how the solution can transform your business and open up newer opportunities.

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