Predictive Maintenance

The predictive maintenance offering from Persistent enables equipment manufacturers to anticipate maintenance, practice repairs in advance and eliminate downtime. The predictive maintenance capability allows equipment in the field to continually diagnose itself, notify you when maintenance is required and send out alerts when a failure is imminent.

Our Machine Maintenance Cloud combines four leading-edge technologies to keep industrial machinery performing at its best:


Connected devices monitor their own systems and report back to a centralized location

Cloud Computing

In the event one or more units drop off the network, neighboring units work to heal the connection and restore the flow of data

Machine Learning

The connected units learn from each other’s performance, continually improving their ability to diagnose maintenance needs and potential causes for failure over time

Augmented Reality

Field service technicians can use Augmented Reality to conduct virtual repairs before they head out to the field, ensuring fast and reliable fixes

Why ‘Predictive Maintenance with Machine Maintenance Cloud’ from Persistent

Better Machine Uptime Reduces Cost of Operations Smoother Operations
Ability to diagnose potential issues and points of failure well in advance and switch to neighboring devices to maintain connectivity in the event an ailing unit goes dark Fewer disruptions to operations and instances of false alarms, resulting in significant reduction in operational costs Increased “first time fix rates” for field service technicians with ability to support maintenance of remote or mobile machinery over low bandwidth connections.

Download the Machine Maintenance Cloud brochure to learn more about our Predictive Maintenance offering.

Contact us today to speak with our IoT consultants and understand how our Predictive Maintenance solutions can transform your business.

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