Machine Learning Based Solutions

Machine learning models and AI tools from Persistent Systems empower organizations to become more software-driven by helping them further automate business processes, gain better insights into the future, and improve engagement with customers and employees.

Our breadth of expertise includes Deep Learning, image processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) – sentiment analysis, named entity extraction, text classification and summarization, topic modelling, Chatbots, anomaly detection, predictive analytics and recommendation systems.

Choose from the following AI/ML offerings to enhance your digital journey:

Ml Workshop

ML Workshop:

Explore different scenarios and business problem statements to arrive at a prioritized set of use cases with maximum business impact and feasibility. Learn more about the workshop.

Ml Proof Of Value

ML Proof of Value:

A 60-day engagement focused on discovering, understanding and bringing data with appropriate Machine Learning modeling techniques to gain specific outcomes from use cases. Ideal for organizations looking to test ROI before starting a full initiative.

Ml Implementation

ML Implementation:

End-to-end implementation starting with data collection, processing, building ML models and consumption via data-driven applications with integrations.

Text Ai Accelerator Accelerator:

Intelligent document processing using an accelerator that enables entity extraction and classification to achieve better turnaround times and higher productivity. Learn more about accelerator.

End-to-end AI/ML Program from Discovery to Monitoring and Maintenance

Why Persistent as your AI/ML Partner

Expertise Across Data PlatformsThought Leadership & Strong PedigreeReady Accelerators and Partner Ecosystems
Global and multi-disciplinary team with experience working with massive data sets and multiple data platforms to build end-to-end use cases. Click here to explore our capability around data platforms.Experience working with customers from various domains to build ML-based applications as well as stand-alone ML models.Ready expertise in the form of accelerators and solutions. We have perfected a methodology for ML tool and algorithm selection, and we have strong partnerships with AWS Sagemaker and Microsoft Azure. Learn more about our accelerator and ShareInsights IP.

Work with leading industry experts and thinkers in the Artificial Intelligence space to implement machine learning models and algorithms to let data fuel your business. Contact us today.

Engage Persistent Systems to conduct a Machine Learning Workshop for you!

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Use Cases

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