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Chatbots provide real-time, personalized communication that can cater to customer needs efficiently. They can be clubbed with the knowledge base from an enterprise management system, answering user queries in the best possible way and reducing human lookup which can be tedious and slow. They can help to navigate every step of a complex process for improved 24×7 customer service.

At Persistent, we have developed Chatbot solutions that help customers transform their service and support departments. This is done using integrated conversational solutions with customized dialogue experiences and human-like responses. These solutions offer answering FAQs and provide better support with an emphasis on minimizing response time for increased user engagement and improved user experience.

Customer Success Snapshot
One of the leaders in retail and commercial banking, catering to thousands of customers in APAC
  • Attending to user queries at scale was challenging for customer representatives.
  • There was a pressing need for an automated solution which could interact with the users round the clock.
  • Understanding the conversational context is critical as it affects the user’s overall experience. Comprehending natural language is often challenging due to various reasons such as use of acronyms, ambiguity, misspelt words, use of multiple languages, local dialects and terms, tone sarcasm etc.
Persistent Solution
  • Our solution uses Natural language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning techniques to find information from an enterprise knowledge base which is semantically related to the user’s query. It is then ranked in the order of relevance and applicability to generate conversationally-rich responses which may include videos, blogs, and other resources from the knowledge base or the internet at large.
  • The solution also offered the ability to interact via text or speech, with auto spell-correct features, to provide seamless and user-friendly interactions with the bot.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) were answered with high accuracy which reduced the number of times a customer representative had to intervene in a user conversation. It also improved the customer satisfaction compared to reading a big FAQ document.
  • Speech-to-text systems further increased ease of use and speed of query resolution.
  • The chatbot enabled the bank to attend large number of customer queries faster and significantly reduced certain operation costs.

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