Facial Recognition & Analysis

Facial analysis has received significant attention, especially in the past several years due to a wide range of applications such as public surveillance and security, identity verification in the digital world, modeling techniques in multimedia data management, medical analysis, and human-robot interaction.

At Persistent, we are working on the following facial analysis problems:

  • Facial recognition – Match a given facial image with a stored collection of identities and return an identity.
  • Facial expression recognition – Identify if a facial image is displaying anger, disgust, fear, neutrality, happiness, sadness, or surprise.
  • Gender identification – Identify if the user is male/female from the facial image.
Customer Success Snapshot
  • Facial analysis is challenging in presence of covariates such as pose, expression, illumination, aging effect, accessories, and occlusion; These covariates introduce high degree of variations in two images of the same person thereby reducing the performance of the recognition algorithms.
  • Building a facial recognition system by using very few images per user, sometimes just one image, was needed.
Persistent Solution
  • Created image datasets for facial expressions as well as face recognition considering the real world environment with poor illumination and occlusion.
  • Designed rich features using facial landmarks which help to handle illumination challenge.
  • Deep neural networks are trained on large number of images having all possible variations to predict the identity, expression and age of the user; transfer learning is also used.
  • The accuracy of the systems is measured on standard public datasets as well as private datasets; we also used real-time video feed from webcams to train the system.
  • Face recognition and facial expression recognition systems achieved accuracies of more than 95%.
  • The accuracy of the gender identification system was 96%.

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