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Data and analytics are at the heart of an organization’s efforts to transition into a digital enterprise. Organizations need a strong foundation in data to be able to transform their businesses and dynamically tailor their products, offerings and operations for their different constituents.

We bring our expertise in data technologies and translate that into business value to software companies who are building new or cutting-edge products, and to enterprises across financial, industrial, and health sectors. Enterprises are also adopting cloud as a platform for data and analytics to take advantage of cost efficiencies, flexibility in scaling, and to achieve agility in their business. We provide services and partnerships for them to migrate data, run analytics, and monetize data on the cloud.


Data-related projects and programs are the heart of an organization’s ability to introduce new products and services at a faster pace, optimize costs, and operate processes most efficiently. We help organizations achieve these outcomes by developing their data and governance strategy, building infrastructure to digitize data, and building AI and cognitive applications on top of data.

Contact tracing

Contact Tracing

Make your workplace safe for employees with Persistent’s AI-based contact tracing and symptom tracking solution.

Data Foundry

Digital mosaic of pre-integrated best-in-class software, IP, and industry knowledge to accelerate data-driven initiatives.

Data Strategy and Governance

Data Strategy and Governance

Data strategy assessment and roadmap development to ensure complete alignment with business and governance goals.



Snowflake partner for AI, ML & data


dell boomi

Dell Boomi

Mulesoft partner for AI, ML & data


AWS partner for AI, ML & data

Amazon Web Services



Google cloud platform partner for AI, ML & data

Google Cloud Platform






Persistent’s ML algorithm accelerates LungLifeAI’s mission to transform cancer diagnosis

Renalytix AI

Persistent Systems helps RenalytixAI bring Kidney diagnostic solutions to market faster


Persistent and IUCAA look up at the stars to solve problems on Earth


Peacock Engineering transforms industrial asset management with Persistent and IBM


Persistent teams with India’s National Center for Radio Astrophysics to develop SKA


Watch how Johns Hopkins has partnered with Persistent for our focus on Digital, Data, and IoT.


Hackensack University Medical Center (UMC) transforms patients’ digital interactions by leveraging Big Data


The Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech fights Ebola and Zika with high-performance analytics from Persistent



Persistent and eNre together leverage the power of digital to clinical trials by enabling patient engagement and reducing time to bring patients into a trial



Luis Rocha, of Indiana University Bloomington, explains the new software driven approach to medical research



The Indiana Office of Technology transformed government services with the help of Persistent and Salesforce


Persistent supports REACHnet’s patient-centered comparative effectiveness research by developing an innovative digital platform.

News & Views

Extracting Structure from Unstructured Medical Text


Persistent’s Machine Learning Models now available on AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning


Integrating AI & ML in cloud services for healthcare: The benefits and risks

Persistent Has Embedded Sophisticated Analytics In Every Enterprise Function

Using a Data Catalog to Support Precision Medicine

Persistent Cio Et

Dattaraj Jagdish Rao talks about how AI generates convincing “fake news”, posing serious ethical issues

Sachin Kurlekar dives into the top requirements for AMR remote device management

Fernando Velez explains why organizations should implement global catalogs within their data landscapes

Fernando Velez talks about the two crucial aspects of consumer data management – improving quality and enforcing privacy

What you need to know before implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning – by Sameer Dixit and Jaideep Dhok

Dattaraj Jagdish Rao talks about the importance of Explainable AI that aims at improving the transparency of ML models

BW Cioworld

Purushottam Darshankar on how enterprises are embracing intelligent interfaces which help in improving overall ROI

Empirix helps mobile carriers monetize massive amounts of data with advanced analytics, cuts its own development time to market by 50%

Autonomous Drones come with challenges and great potential! Sachin Kurlekar, IIoT Expert tells us more…

Whitepaper: Care Pathways: How the digital route enables algorithm driven medicine

Sameer Dixit, GM, Data, Analytics, AI/ML at Persistent Systems talks about the significant impact of AI & ML on Industrial manufacturing

Shreekanth Joshi discusses how digitization in healthcare infrastructure serves as a foundation for major focus areas

Abhiram Modak discusses the benefits of data priming for a smoother RPA implementation

Ethics in Data Management and Governance


Sameer Dixit, General Manager – Data, Analytics and AI/ML, on the democratization of Artificial Intelligence



Whitepaper: Digital Twins in Healthcare

How Genome Sequencing, AI And Pay-For-Performance Delivery Drive Precision Health

The potential for Automation & AI to raise throughput, increase productivity – explained. Article by Rashmi Tambe, AI & ML – Head of Business and Strategy, Persistent Systems


Transforming cybersecurity with AI and ML. Abhay Pendse, AVP, Head Data Practice at Persistent Systems tells us more…


Whitepaper – Technology Predictions for 2019 – The Six Digital Currents Steering Enterprises into the New Age


Persistent Systems Machine Learning Models now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Persistent Systems unveils Machine Learning models on AWS Marketplace


Persistent Systems Machine Learning Models Now Available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace for Machine Learning

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Live Mint & The Wallstreet Journal

Are we ready for the AI driven precision healthcare revolution?

Picking The Right Bot Platform – Where To Start?

Perfecting the knowledge flow for Medical AI


Cape not required: Machine Learning alone can turn you into a superhero


From IoT to Bots to Blockchain, here are the eight great technology disruptors of 2018

Startup Saturday: Here’s why AI, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing is the future

The four trends shaping the Digital Transformation of Healthcare in 2018


Predictions 2018: Random thoughts on AI, DevOps and other topics


Machine Learning will be the most exciting tech trend of 2018: Persistent Systems CTO


How machine Learning can help with demonetisation and counterfeit currency


The role of data in the insurance industry


Facial Analysis: Face Recognition, Expression Recognition, and Gender Identification


Architectural challenges for building a low latency, scalable, multi-tenant data warehouse


Organizations take two approaches to creating interoperability platform


Time vampires holding data analysts back


Extracting full value from Big Data is a paradox – both easy and hard


Digital Transformation fueled by data monetization: Internal and External


Persistent Systems and Attivio announce Engage 360 on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise app marketplace

Persistent develops AI enabled mobile app for transforming lives of visually impaired


Persistent Systems and MuleSoft partner to accelerate Digital Transformation


Big Data platform strategies: Considerations while choosing a platform


Hackensack University Medical Center delivers software driven healthcare with assist from Persistent Systems


Data Exploration: Finding the treasure in the Data Lake


Big Data in Healthcare – Proactive monitoring and clinical intervention


Anomaly detection in IIoT – A case study using Machine Learning


Whitepaper: An Essential Primer on Enterprise Search Evaluation

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Dattaraj Jagdish Rao talks about how AI generates convincing “fake news”, posing serious ethical issues


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Fernando Velez explains why organizations should implement global catalogs within their data landscapes


What you need to know before implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning – by Sameer Dixit and Jaideep Dhok


Persistent Has Embedded Sophisticated Analytics In Every Enterprise Function


Transforming user experience through emerging tech – PwC and Persistent Systems

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