AI Technology And Machine Learning Applications

Data-related projects and programs are the heart of an organization’s ability to introduce new products and services at a faster pace, optimize costs, and operate processes most efficiently. We help organizations achieve these outcomes by developing their data and governance strategy, building infrastructure to digitize data, and building AI and cognitive applications on top of data.

Contact tracing

Contact Tracing

Make your workplace safe for employees with Persistent’s AI-based contact tracing and symptom tracking solution.

data strategy and governance

Data Foundry

Digital mosaic of pre-integrated best-in-class software, IP, and industry knowledge to accelerate data-driven initiatives

Data Strategy and Governance

Data Strategy and Governance

Data strategy assessment and roadmap development to ensure complete alignment with business and governance goals.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Application of data science and machine learning algorithms to achieve process transformation and industry-specific outcomes.

Data Platforms Architecting

Architecting Data Platforms

Evaluating, designing, and implementing data lakes and other storage and compute platforms to help build a strong foundation for data in an organization.

Persistent Analytics Cloud

Cloud Analytics

Creation and migration of the data analytics stack on the cloud for scalability, enabling of newer business models, and delivery of advanced intelligence capabilities and applications.

Persistent Search Insights Cognitive

Cognitive Search and Insights

Strategy, design, and implementation of enterprise-wide cognitive search capabilities for delivering meaningful insights and improving decision-making.

IPs, Accelerators and Solutions

Here’s a quick look at Persistent’s IPs, accelerators and solutions that will help you extract more value out of your data and realize more efficiencies and differentiators.

data integration

Data Integrations and Connectors

Valuable suite of integration services and connectors that help companies achieve interoperability and faster time to market

text AI

Intelligent document and natural language processing to transform traditional documents into highly productive assets

Accelerite Shareinsight

Accelerite ShareInsights

Powerful self-service analytics platform with a highly intuitive drag-and-drop user interface for faster time to insights

Applications Spanning Multiple Industries

Our services, solutions and accelerators find applications in various industries

Banking Financial

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Applying data and analytics in digital banking, claims management, back office automation and more

Healthcare And Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Implementing data and algorithm-driven transformations to improve care delivery, research lifecycle, lab systems and clinical outcomes

Software Technology

Software & Hi-Tech

Collaborating closely with born-digital companies and incumbents to build data-driven business models and help them stay ahead of the curve

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