Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Enterprises need to be software driven and embrace digital transformation as the new paradigm. Adopting to new business models, to compete with born-digital disruptors. Digital transformation is about new ways of doing business. But how do you make sense of chaos to impact business positively? Google Cloud Platform helps you focus no what’s next for your business. GCP along with Persistent will help businesses bring in speed to their transformations.

  • Consulting
    • Developing Business Case
    • Cost & Revenue Model
    • Assessment Tools
    • Migration Strategy
  • Engineering
    • Incorporate Scalability
    • Map to GCP constructs
    • Redundancy Design
    • Leverage Parallel Processing
  • Solutions
    • Vega Healthcare Platform
    • Risk-Based Authentication (RBA)
    • eMee Enterprise Gamification
    • Engage 360
  • Support
    • Application level modeling
    • Performance & load testing
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