Continuous Risk Based Authentication


The new standard in delivering enhanced security a delightful user experience.

About Neuro

Passwords aren’t just passé, they are highly vulnerable too! But making systems more complex is not the answer. Customers want easy, seamless security that works across any channel. And that’s exactly what we’ve built.
Neuro is a highly secure, risk-based authentication software from the future that makes sure that security and a delightful user experience are not mutually exclusive. This intelligent system can adapt to user behavior, history and context to come up with dynamic authentication barriers that actually work.

And keeping with our love for simplicity, we have made this product easily pluggable and configurable to your existing infrastructure so that you can start mitigating threats from the get-go.

Balancing Security & Usability

For many enterprises, authentication is not just a matter of security, it is a missing piece that is preventing their delivery, adoption and growth. Who says strong security and delightful user experience cannot co-exist?
Persistent Neuro was designed to ensure that security never comes in the way of great user experience. On the contrary, it becomes part of a seamless experience that a “Trusted User” will never notice. That is what we call “Truly Knowing your Customers”.


Friction-less Authentication: Reduce authentication overhead and deliver a transparent user experience by better knowing the identity of the user using the device & behavior based authentication techniques.


Multi-factor Authentication: Not sure about the logged-in user? Trigger on-demand multifactor/step-up authentication based on risk associated with the transaction to confirm user identity.


Dynamic Risk Assessment: Integrate with external risk assessment services like Guardian Analytics and LexisNexis to determine runtime risk score.


Go beyond password authentication and embrace password-less authentication using a range of authenticators from finger-print to heart-print.

Risk Aware, Contextual, & Personalized

Persistent Neuro is a “Risk-Aware”, “Contextual” and “Personalized” authentication product that leverages patented innovations in the security domain along with recent advances in authentication standards, biometrics and analytics to deliver secure and delightful banking experiences that can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.


Improved Business Agility: Improve your ability to actively manage the authentication experience and adapt rapidly as new, advanced and sophisticated authentication methods come out.


Cross-Channel Business Enablement: Increase revenue and create new lines of revenue by confidently embracing new customer touchpoints and channels.

Fraud Deterrence

Fraud Deterrence: Protection against financial loss and brand damage with strengthened security policy and stronger authentication where needed.


Operational Efficiency: Reduce call volume and length of call by expanding the Universe of allowable transactions.

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