Network Assurance

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What is Network Assurance?

Network assurance entails the engineering process of formal verification, which differs from design testing. Rather than evaluating specific test scenarios under a limited set of variables, network design verification compares the network’s policy requirements with its actual implementation under all conditions.

From every source and to any destination, Network Assurance examines network pathways and application connections, describing the devices and rules along the way. Network Assurance entails instant setup to analyze any network outage within the context of network security and policy compliance. With increasing network and security technology interfaces because of network transformation, it delivers comprehensive and detailed models that enable in-depth examinations and analysis without disrupting the network.

What are the business benefits of Network Assurance?

  • Network assurance ensures checking network zones, routers, and switches for ongoing compliance using on-demand reports and metrics.

  • Network modeling that is automated and accurate visualizes the perimeter and network paths throughout your hybrid environment.

  • Network Assurance automatically gathers and normalizes data from all layer devices, public and private clouds, and OT networks.

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