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Patient Experience Trends

2020 Special Report series

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Unfortunately, most patients have low expectations of the health system and personal health care delivery. From painfully long wait times and uncomfortable waiting rooms, time-consuming appointment scheduling and check-in processes, and little to no continuous engagement, the average patient experience is far from pleasant.
Due to these shortcomings, many trends have emerged in order to enhance the patient experience that healthcare providers are delivering.
Whether these steps are internal, such as enhancing the employee experience and streamlining internal processes, or external, such as providing personalized experiences and employing the right technology to ensure more proactive care management, these trends all work to create a more patient-centric environment.

Within this report, we will be discussing:
  • Commonly experienced pain points and inadequacies along the patient journey
  • The long-lasting impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare system
  • 5 key trends that are integral to creating a more seamless, efficient and engaging patient experience

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