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One touch call logging in Salesforce

Sales Managers expect their field team to spend maximum time attending customers and very less time on administrative activities. But after getting off customer call, logging calls and recording calls notes in Salesforce CRM is a cumbersome task for Salespersons, hampering their productivity. Hence, they either avoid or procrastinate record updating activity when they are on the move. This leads to lack of visibility to higher management on activities happening on the field.

Presenting the ‘One Logger’ mobile app which makes logging calls a ‘one-touch’ affair for the salesperson post getting off the customer call. It helps them update information against every lead/ contact quickly thereby increasing their productivity.

If you are using Einstein Lead Scoring to ensure that your sales team prioritize the actual highest value prospect, then you have one more reason to use One Logger. Number of calls is an important indicator of prospect interest. Give Einstein Lead Scoring this data point with the help of One Logger and be assured the Lead Score is taking into account the data which matters.

Key Features
  • Allows the Salesperson to log calls directly without accessing SF1 app every time
  • Enables creation of ‘Lead/Contact’ when phone number doesn’t match with any of Salesforce records
  • Remembers Phone Number & Salesforce record pairing to avoid API calls for same number
  • Ability to define rules for individual contacts
  • Improved productivity of salesperson
  • Improved and quick ROI from platform investment
  • Sales Manager gets proxy parameter for tracking opportunities
  • Make the most of Einstein Lead Scoring

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