Provider Referral Management

Focusing on patient retention

Due to an unmanaged referral management process, healthcare providers often find patients moving out of the care network. Persistent’s Provider referral management solution addresses this problem by empowering physicians to refer patients within the care network with complete ease.

The solution comprises a physician portal built on Salesforce platform which allows physicians to refer patients online in the care network along with relevant medical records. Referral coordinators can then work on these referrals and onboard the patients based on defined workflows.

Key Features
  • Create referrals online
  • Customizable fields in referral form
  • Upload medical records
  • Tracking of past referrals
  • Specialist search
  • Customizable referral onboarding process
  • Collaboration using Chatter
  • Full patient 360 visibility from referral to discharge for the PCP
  • Maximize revenue for the care network
  • Greater ROI on existing Salesforce investment
  • Long-term patient relationships

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